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Brown & Proud Press

"Brown & Proud Press is a collective of people of color with the intent of sharing personal narratives of struggle through the medium of zines as a catalyst for collective healing and movement? We believe that the stories and identities of people of color have been erased and that each time we share our story we reclaim our voice and community. We believe that stories should come from the people themselves. We believe creating is healing, and through healing, we can transform our individual and collective pain. We believe zines are radical because they are an accessible medium for people to share their stories. We believe that Black people and people of color have always been at the forefront of zine-making and zine culture, and have always disrupted whitespaces. We believe in restorative and transformative justice as alternatives to calling the cops and incarceration.We work from an anti-oppression framework, understanding that we are both parts of the problem and the solution.

Our main project, the 'On Struggling' zine series, brings together personal narratives on topics such as identity, assimilation, racism, mental health, modes of self-care and more from people of color across the country.

Brown and Proud Press has zines archived at the University of Chicago's Library Zine Collection and Barnard zine Library, and are sold at Quimby's Bookstore (IL), Boxcar Books (IN), Bluestockings (NY), No Shame Distro(NJ), and Brown Recluse Distro (WA)."

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