Vends + Vibes
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“I am a 12 year old of African descent. I started my business because I like making things with my hands and seeing people happy about something I made. I have been making things at school and selling them to people at school, like paracord bracelets and lanyards. This summer I wanted to tie-dye some shirts for myself and I wear a different one each day. People told me they came out well and that I should dye some things for adults who don't wear tie dyed shirts but like to buy dyed home goods. I like to dye fabric. I like that no piece is the same when I dye them even if they are similar. If I get selected for Vends + Vibes, I am going to dye tea towels, cloth napkins, dishtowels and table runners mostly using a single color like black and navy even though I'm showing some pictures of examples that have green. Some may have holiday colors like a mixture of red, black and green and some will not. I will wrap them nicely. I haven't made the pieces yet so I asked my parents to help show how they will be used in my slides. I hope you give me a chance.”