Vends + Vibes

Felice Hutchings Stained Glass

"I make hinged boxes, combining my love for antique artifacts with stained glass. Always treasure hunting, I gathered a huge collection of antique hardware from doors and furniture, antique buttons and pretty much anything I could feasibly solder into my work. I love the idea of re-purposing discarded beauty. Some of the artifacts were acquired from traveling to markets in Italy, France, Netherlands and the Czech Republic, but most of the metal pieces I use come from Chicago. I cut and grind the glass to make the body of the box, then the lid might consist of an entire metal object or one that is both glass and metal. The escutcheon plates sometimes have photographs in the hole where the doorknob would have lived. Lately, I have been soldering buttons into the opening that compliment the plate design. I make my own hinges with brass tubes.Most recently I have been using vintage postcards for box lids. Soldered in between two pieces of plate glass then hinged, one can open the box and read the original message and see the postmark and stamp. These are time travel boxes. A moment in someone's life that is immortalized.

I am also experimenting with bigger mixed media pieces, using collage with real leaves.

I also make cards from my photography."