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Third Coast Canine

“I started making accessories and clothing for my dog Otto after adopting him last summer. He has allergies, and bandanas work better for him than collars. The more I made for him, the more fabric I had left over, so I began to grow my inventory and started selling locally. I love the dog community in Chicago, especially on the south side where established dog parks are few and far between, but there is an abundance of community-built spaces (we frequent Jackson Bark, but also the nightly meetups at Nichols Park in Hyde Park, too) and making for dogs is another way to stay engaged in that world. I'm a graphic designer by day, and find a lot of satisfaction in repurposing things to make something new and joyful. And what's more joyful than your pets?

I make all of my products by hand at my Hyde Park home. I try to use "every part of the buffalo," repurposing remnant and end of bolt fabric into bandanas, and my own leftover pieces into smaller bowties, bows and collars. With a focus on making better-designed products, I self-draft all of my patterns, and carefully craft each bow, bowtie, bandana and collar to ensure that they're functional, durable, and fun.”